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Dual Polarized Dual Band Antenna APXV9R26B-C

Dual Polarized Dual Band Antenna APXV9R26B-C

Optimizer® Cellular Dual Polarized Dual Band Antenna, 790-2200, 65deg, 17-19dBi, 2.6m, VET, 0-10deg.

This antenna is an ideal choice for dual band site upgrade for high traffic areas. It is applicable for multiple bands such as Digital Dividend, CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS and DVD-SH.


•Easy swap out of GSM or CDMA panel for dual band panel.

•Variable electrical downtilt - provides enhanced precision in controlling intercell interference. The tilt is infield adjustable 0-10 deg.

•High Suppression of all Upper Sidelobes (Typically <-20dB).

•Independent control of electrical downtilt for CDMA-900 and 1800/1900MHz bands.

•Optional remote tilt - can be retrofitted.

•Low profile for low visual impact.

•Quick and easy to adjust.

•High front-to-back ratio.